Well after nearly 12 months of obsessive planning, organisation, preparing, training jumps, fundraising, sponsorship proposals, gym work and faultless dedication from a huge team of people we were totally let down by the weather on the day.

In NZ it is illegal to skydive through cloud, you must have visibility to be able to jump. Our planned jump height was 2,100ft meaning any cloud on the day had to be above that height. Unfortunately we were met with drizzle in the morning, followed by extremely low cloud (600-900ft) most of the day which didn’t burn off until the late afternoon when the howling Canterbury winds made conditions even more impossible.

Our contingency day, the following day, was forecast to be even stronger winds and just as much cloud. We are heartbroken to report that we were unable to get a single jump in either day.

HOWEVER we have to keep in mind that the whole point of the Hundred Jump Project was to raise money and awareness for the Canterbury Westpac Rescue Helicopter, and we are extremely proud to have delivered strongly on that goal. We recently presented the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust with a cheque for $10,057.40 thanks to all of your generous donations and our incredible sponsors.

We also brought an amazing team of people together and put skydiving in the spotlight across almost every mainstream media channel that exists in NZ, and we are very proud of that effort.


The short answer is yes, absolutely. The longer answer is that there are so many cogs to the wheel that are required to pull this off, and those cogs all take time and money to organise. We are currently formulating a plan for a 2nd attempt and this page will be updated as soon as we have a plan.